Vestido de novia
dir. Marylin Solaya

Cuba, 2014, 104 minutes
English sub-titles

Cinemark Palace on the Plaza Friday, April 15th, 6:00 pm

Introduction and post film discussion led by Ernesto Suarez

Havana, 1994. The worst riots the Cuban capital has seen since 1959 leave a trail of broken windows and stores. Thousands of Cubans leave the island in flimsy rafts. Rosa Elena and Ernesto’s happy marriage will face its own crisis as the truth about her sex reassignment surgery years ago comes out. Winner of the Audience Award at the 2014 Havana Film Festival, His Wedding Dress, like Strawberry and Chocolate before it, bravely confronts discrimination while celebrating tolerance.

A huge success in Havana, Cuba, and countless film festivals around the world, Vestido de novia is a sensitive, revealing drama about a once (and perhaps still) controversial subject while Cuba is revealing more of itself to the world.