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Our Mission Statement

LIKEME® helps with funding, visibility and promotion to open LGBT community centers in the Midwest.  These centers provide safe and welcoming spaces where LGBT individuals and their families, friends, and allies can come for education and resources.

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Our History

The LIKEME® Organization was founded in March 2010 by country music star, Chely Wright, who chose to come out very publicly and to advocate for the LGBT community. Wright currently serves as a national spokesperson for GLSEN and appears regularly in the media to speak on LGBT equality and the needs of the LGBT community.

The LIKEME® Organization’s first mission in 2009 was to speak out at schools, colleges, corporations and in the media about the need for LGBT equality and against classroom and LGBT bullying.

In the fall of 2010, with a spate of LGBT teen suicide, LIKEME® felt this country has been losing too many bright youth to suicide. In response, the LIKEME® Organization instituted a Scholarship Fund to provide college scholarships to graduating LGBT high school seniors who demonstrate that they actively advocate for the LGBT community, or who have been severely affected by the teen suicide of an LGBT family member.

The LIKEME® board of directors, composed of well-known public figures from across the country who support the LGBT movement, wanted to do more of a grassroots effort and voted to open an LGBT community center for the Midwest. The Kansas City area was chosen for the center, which was named the LIKEME® Lighthouse.

The LIKEME® Lighthouse operated successfully from 2010 through 2016, when it was re-named and its daily operation was taken over by local community activists.  LIKEME® is currently supporting area organizations that are developing similar goals in the state of Kansas.